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Here are our top selections for absolute top fragrances that has received the highest score from our editors.

Top men’s fragrance

Top women’s fragrance

Acqua Di Gio ★★★★★ 

By Armani…

Mademoiselle ★★★★★ 

By Chanel Coco…

Eau Sauvage ★★★★½ 

By Dior…

The one ★★★★½ 

…By D&G

Cool Water ★★★★½ 

By Davidoff…

Women summer ★★★★½ 


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We are just a group of fragrance enthusiasts who try to come up with one more fragrance site – only a little nicer to read and more professionally written than most existing websites. We, as costumers, had much trouble in the past figuring out which fragrance to buy, where to do so, and what kind of price range we will be expecting.

Our users will no longer have to face such questions – top-lists will guide you which ones to by according to your criteria, the reviews will compare pricing between retail price and all online stores – and our readers will be provided with definite, solid answers.

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