2 Comme de Garcons

2 Comme de Garcons


“I am very much confident every time I wear this and not conscious”


Name of perfume: 2 Comme de Garcons
Manufacturer: Comme de Garcons

Retail Price: $ 130.00 (3.3 oz)
Best Price: $ 100
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Notes: Cade oil, Incense, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Angelica root, Amber, Labdanum, Magnolia

Most suitable for: Unisex


Commes de Garcons marketed its first line of fragrances for women a few years before the incredibly unusual 2 Commes de Garcons came out. This fragrance took a small break from the first, though, with a very unusual turn that is not common in this company, or even in perfume for that matter.

About the scent

Where the inspiration for creating such a scent is unknown, but regardless, a bizarre fragrance with a bizarre container was created. If you haven’t raised an eyebrow yet, you should know that the fragrance reviews of this tell one thing about it throughout: the goal was to create a fragrance that smells like ink of all things. Say what?

While you are wondering how in the world someone would go about creating something that smells like ink, you will realize right away that it actually does. The initial impression of this scent is Japanese ink – a thick, but not overpowering sort of scent that you may find strangely exotic and likeable. Citrus is added to this for a very slight light touch.

Where the top note is metallic due to the ink, it is settled with a mix of flora and spices. Magnolia softens the tone and adds the necessary floral element to any exotic scent. The spices such as cinnamon carry all the way through to the end of this great scent on the edge of a rich woodiness that it strangely masculine.

The bottom line

Although there is nothing really feminine about this perfume, it is actually marketed to women. It is more unusual than anything, with high, sharp notes reminiscent of ink – as was the purpose – dried down by cinnamon and wood tones that are more reminiscent of a male’s cologne. And it’s finished in a bottle that will leave you trying to stand it up for hours.

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