Alien by Thierry Muggler

Alien by Thierry Muggler


“I would guarantee there is only a bit spin of caramel”


Name of perfume: Alien
Manufacturer: Thierry Muggler

Retail Price: $ 60.00
Best Price: $ 47.00

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Notes: solar accord, jasmine sambac, green notes, cashmeran, vanilla, and transparent amber.

Most suitable for: Elegant Women


Alien is a very unique scent and the follow up to an incredibly popular creation by Thierry Muggler. Fragrance reviews describe alien as a solar sort of scent with strange, well, alien attributes. And that description is all too fitting to this very unusual fragrance.

About the scent

When you first see it, you have the idea that the fragrance is going to be unusual. The abstract sort of purple creation is slightly, and appropriately, reminiscent of a space ship. You know very well that you’re in for something unique with this much-anticipated scent.

When you first begin to experience it, you will encounter something very unusual amidst jasmine and Cashmere. This combination is unusual enough as it is. Cashmere is often used as a base note due to its rich woodiness. But here, it’s where things start. And there is an unusual addition that is most commonly described as warm. The notes only refer to it as the solar element.

Whatever it is, this initial impression of Alien lasts for a long time. You are still struck with it as you begin to reach the base notes of this great perfume. When you reach this point, you will notice the woody Cashmere is still here. That is a definite them throughout the entire perfume. This time, it is paired with amber for an incredibly rich base that is not all that feminine. But it is very striking.

The bottom line

Alien is a very unusual much-anticipated follow up to Thierry Muggler’s introductory perfume. But where the first was beautiful, this scent is strikingly weird. Strange pairings and unusual scents that are slightly unrecognizable run through this perfume. And they are all bound together by Cashmere for a strange perfume that can only be adequately described as alien. Yes, the name most definitely fits.

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