Allure by Chanel

Allure by Chanel


“It is so grown-up and pleasant when you feel like being sexy but classy.”


Name of perfume: Allure
Manufacturer: Chanel

Retail Price: $ 123
Best Price: $ 91

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Notes: :  peony, jasmine, water lily, rose, mandarin, vanilla, bergamot, sandalwood, peach, lemon, ventiveria

Most suitable for: Working Women


The famous C logo is famous for one thing: being rich and expensive. So, of course, one of its most famous perfumes for women, Allure by Chanel, goes right along with this theme. This fragrance is definitely rich – to the point of being a little intoxicating

About the scent

If you know Chanel, you know how well Allure fits into this mold. Feminine and dramatic, the fragrance reviews always tell of how much that this perfume has going on. The one word most commonly used to describe this fragrance is not something that you would commonly associate with a women’s perfume: bitter. But then again, this isn’t the average women’s perfume.

To say this item has a lot going on is a drastic understatement. You begin with fresh fruits that are combined with vanilla. Super-sexy vanilla is appealing to men and a common base note of perfumes, but here it is evident right away. The feelings about this are mixed. Either way, the perfume is very popular for classy, middle-aged women.

After you make it through the vanilla, a scent would usually come to a close. But not here; With it, things are only getting started. Here come the flowers for the middle tones. We have not the common two, but four different flower scents: water lily, jasmine, rose, and peony. These combine for the middle tone to give a very soft, feminine impression, but can sometimes be overwhelming to some. The base contains a rich sandalwood that rounds it all off.

The bottom line

Allure by Chanel is not designed for a young girl. This intoxicating, strong fragrance has a combination of flowers and fruits that comes off as more bitter than anything. And the vanilla is a little unusual. Even though feelings are mixed and the scent is not for everyone, Chanel definitely has rich and expensive covered with this one.

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