Angel by Thierry Muggler

Angel by Thierry Muggler


“I offer Angel two thumbs up”


Name of perfume: Angel
Manufacturer: Thierry Muggler

Retail Price: $ 78
Best Price: $ 49

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melon, coconut, mandarin orange, cassia, jasmine, bergamot and cotton candy, , apricot, blackberry, plum, orchid, peach, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, red berries, rose, Tonka bean, amber, vanilla, patchouli, musk, vanilla, dark chocolate and caramel.

Most suitable for: Women


Angel was the first scent released in the 1990′s by Thierry Muggler. This perfume, created in 1992, is one of the world’s most popular and replicated scents. If that doesn’t say enough to get you interested, a fragrance review will tell you what it’s all about.

About the scent

A perfume success such as this must be dramatic. And the drama starts with the bottle. This lovely light purple creation is more art than anything. It is a sort of shooting star image going down from the silver star-shaped top and purple bottle. And, of course, inside it is art as well. It took a long time for this fragrance to become popular, but once it did, it took off like a firecracker.

The initial notes of this perfume are fresh and crisp fruits. And not just the overwhelmingly popular citrus that everyone goes for. There are also berries in the mix that just make the initial impression yummy. But, it can’t be a well-rounded perfume with just a bunch of fruit, can it?

Following the berries is the perfect addition to a fruity upper tone: caramel and honey. As if your taste buds weren’t already watering, these delicious additions add the perfect warmth to the mix. When all this deliciousness is finished, Angel has to come down somewhere. And Thierry Muggler said it would come down on bitter chocolate, patchouli, and almond praline. These warm tones balance the fresh citrus perfectly and bring it down to richness from the youthful pop with which it began.

The bottom line

It is no wonder why this product is such an overwhelmingly popular scent. When you smell it, the mix of fruits with caramel, honey, and chocolate are completely fabulous. If it sounds like a delicious dessert, think of what kind of perfume it would make.

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