Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code for Women


“‘Simply sniffing it excites me.’. “


Name of perfume: Armani Code for Women
Manufacturer: Giorgio Armani

Retail Price: $ 96.00
Best Price: $ 62

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Top Notes: fresh oranges, ginger
Middle Notes: jasmine, sandalwood
Base Notes:  vanilla, honey

Most suitable for: Matured women


Whenever it comes to fragrances by Armani, there is one thing to be said for almost all of them: mmm. And Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani is no different. This fragrance is yet another in a long line of delicious scents.

About the scent

Fragrance reviews for this item rave about it. And there is no wonder why. This warm, sweet fragrance is housed in a perfectly artistic bottle complete with floral silhouettes that make it look just as pretty as it smells once you get it open. This fragrance is just sexy.

When you open up the bottle of this intoxicating perfume, you experience citrus – which is one of the single most popular top note scents for women’s perfume. Most popular fragrances start off with citrus somewhere at the top because it is light and the perfect introduction to a scent.

What keeps you coming, though, is underneath this great scent. Jasmine, which is one of the most alluring scents for a woman, is underneath the citrus, but blended in a very unusual way. It is placed in the top note of the perfume for instant sex appeal. This lets you know right away that this scent is for a woman, and it also draws you too it instantly. It is rounded off with orange blossoms to make it super feminine.

Vanilla and honey round off this super sexy scent, as if the aphrodisiac wasn’t enough already. Vanilla is voted the most alluring scent by men. And honey adds just enough sweetness to finish it all off.

The bottom line

Giorgio Armani has done it yet again with this perfume for women, the partner to the men’s cologne with the same name. This perfume is sexy from beginning to end and not at all overwhelming. You will love it, and so will he.

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