Armani Mania for Women by Giorgio Armani

Armani Mania for Women


Armani Mania is really a must have collection of every lady.


Name of perfume: Armani Mania for Women
Manufacturer: Giorgio Armani

Retail Price: $ 78 (2.5 oz)
Best Price: $ 69

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Notes: Top Notes: green mandarin orange, pink pepper, Moroccan Bay leaf, blackcurrant

Middle Notes: peony, iris, muguet, magnolia

Base Notes: sandalwood, amber, cedar, vanilla and musk

Most suitable for: Versatile adult women


Giorgio Armani is responsible for bringing some of the sexiest scents you can possibly find to the market, and this has contributed to this company’s reign at the top for many years. And with a fragrance like Armani Mania, there is absolutely no wonder why.

About the scent

This great scent is an adorable pink sort of color in a simple clear bottle that literally tells you everything you need to know without reading a fragrance review. This item is the essence of femininity. This great, super light creation has just enough spice and warmth to round it out, but not to overpower the super chic scent.

The first thing that will hit you with Armani is a well-placed blend of citrus and spice. Laurel, mandarin, and pink spice all hit you right away. The spice is a fierceness that makes the perfume very sexy, but it is not to strong as an upper tone because of the combination with laurel and mandarin.

Following that, of course, is the note that says this perfume is feminine. This comes in the form of lily of the valley and peony, two very light and sweet floral scents that are not often used because they don’t really resonate as much more than being light and sweet. But for this product, they are the perfect transition from the fun pop of the beginning to the great base tones that are super warm.

At the end of this perfume, you are left with the classically warm cedar, amber and musk that Armani often finishes its popular scents with. This is the perfect ending to the perfect representation of a female.

The bottom line

Sex appeal can be light, as Giorgio Armani has shown with Armani Mania. This summery scent has a very feminine sexiness to it that has once again put Armani on top of the perfume world.

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