Azure Lime by Tom Ford

Azure Lime by Tom Ford


“I feel like I am being love by both of the sexes.”


Name of perfume: Azure Lime
Manufacturer: Tom Ford
Retail Price: $ 280 (1.7 oz)
Best Price: $ 225

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Notes: citrus, flowers, wood, musk

Most suitable for: Unisex


Taking a trip to the Caribbean was never so easy. With Azure Lime by Tom Ford, you can instantly be an islander. This tiny bottle encapsulates one of the most fun, exciting scents that are perfect for summer. And the bottle is incredibly tiny.

About the scent

When you first smell this great fragrance, you are on the beach enjoying a fruity drink. This bold citrus and floral mix hits you right in the face so hard you are launched right to the beaches of the Caribbean. You may find yourself looking around for a palm tree. All that’s missing is the smell of the salty ocean.

The citrus fades quickly, as does the day on the islands. But the party doesn’t stop there. Warm woods follow that, evoking midnight walks under the palm trees and beach parties full of dancing and food. You can almost hear the Caribbean music in your ears. These warm woods are a very popular combination that follows fruit and floral scents, adding just the right amount of depth.

Without the undertone of this cologne, a fragrance review would dismiss it as a scent that was too feminine to appeal to men in general. Citrus, flowers, and woods on their own make for a slightly more feminine scent than Tom Ford wants. In order to keep the scent masculine enough for any man, an undertone of a rich musk is added. This makes the scent just masculine enough to keep the men loving it – almost as much as the women that encounter it.

The bottom line

If you are wondering what a vacation on a tropical island smells like, this fragrance review has found it. This scent is the perfect mix of citrus, musk, woods, and bold flowers that make you think you are already on an island. Beware, you may need sunscreen for this one.

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