Be Delicious for Men by DKNY

Be Delicious for Men by DKNY


“This is the first and only one that I have and I really like it”


Name of perfume: Be Delicious for Men
Manufacturer: DKNY

Retail Price: $ 85.00
Best Price: $ 56

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Notes: juniper berries, patchouli, green apple, coffee, sea notes, jasmine, grapefruit and woodsy notes.

Most suitable for: Young Teens


Seven years ago, DKNY introduced a fragrance that was a very unique combination of different scents. And Be Delicious for Men by DKNY came out to be one of the most masculine scents on the market. All of this is encased in – an apple? It may seem unusual, but it is still an incredibly popular scent for a reason.

About the scent

Even though the scent is literally encased in a two-tone metal apple, there is very little that represents this light, fresh scent. Green apples hit you right away, but then fade very quickly – almost too quickly for some people. They almost miss the tangy scent of Granny Smith apples. You are hit with it and almost instantly left wondering if you just smelled apples.

But, before they can figure that out, there is something else there. The green scent is followed up by a mix of woods and greens that make people think one thing: nature, nature, nature. The light initial impression is quickly followed by something a little deeper and more masculine that just smells clean. And there’s nothing wrong with a clean, natural-smelling man at all. It’s one of the most appealing scents for women in general.

The ending impression that you are left with when you smell it is the thing that will confuse, and wildly attract many people. What is it? Coffee, of all things, is what you are left with. But then again, what about the rich, intoxicating smell of coffee isn’t masculine, and of course absolutely delicious? Women love the smell of coffee.

The bottom line

When it comes to a fragrance review, an apple bottle definitely does not do Be Delicious by DKNY justice – especially considering that you only get a brief moment of fresh fruit. What follows, though, is much deeper and much manlier than you would imagine if you just encountered the bottle.

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