Best fragrance for men

best fragrance for menMost men are under the impression that fragrances or colognes are just for women.

Ask any woman and she will tell you that she actually appreciates and looks forward to a man who smells good.

Just like how a man is easily ridiculed for bad body odor, he will also be noticed and distinguished by an excellent fragrance that can add to or reflect his demeanor or personality.

Men should also understand that smells can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Wearing out a fragrance to a date or a party will automatically improve your chances of attracting a woman who will appreciate a classy fragrance.

Below, we have quickly introduced you to some of the best fragrance for men, as available in the market today.

Best men’s fragrance
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Acqua Di Gio ★★★★★ 

By Armani…

This fragrance has been a hot favorite for over a decade now. It is a very masculine flavor that combines elements that try to use the characteristics of sun, water and air. 

It has a Mediterranean signature to it, using ingredients such as citruses, jasmine, woods and several oceanic elements as well.

This fragrance is ideal for casual wear, to dates, to clubs or even to work for that matter.

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Eau Sauvage ★★★★½ 

By Dior…

Christian Dior is a very popular men’s brand for fragrances, with the Eau Sauvage being their most prolific product when it comes to popularity. 

This fragrance has a sporty flavor to it, with lemon, basil and vetiver as the main ingredients.

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Cool Water ★★★★½ 

By Davidoff…

Believe it or not, this fragrance has been around since 1988. 

It is ideal for casual daytime use and will lend you a very masculine aroma that uses musk, sandalwood, lavender and oak moss.

It is especially noted for its very attractive sky blue color.

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One Million ★★★★ 

By Rabanne…

As the name of this fragrance suggests, it can make a man feel like a million bucks. 

This minty fragrance uses rose, patchouli, white woods, blond leather, oranges and even some spice notes to give you a fragrance that is like none other in the market.

If you want something really unique, this is the fragrance you should get.

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Chaz for men ★★★★ 

By JeanPilippe…

This is a more subtle fragrance that uses lavender and citrus notes, with an undertone of a woody flavor, provided by several oriental woods. 

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Why should you try any of the above fragrances for men?

best selection of men perfumesUnlike most other reviews or product recommendations on the web, we could care less about commissions or incentives from the sale of these items.

We compiled this list by merely selecting the most popular men’s fragrances, available in the market today.

More specifically, we complied this list with 2012 products in mind, thereby giving you a list that is very up to date, reflecting the current popularity and retail trends.

If you went through the ratings or reviews of any of the above fragrances, you will see that they all have the highest rating, among all men’s fragrances. You can see for yourself by checking them out at Amazon and other popular e-commerce stores, at the links provided above.

Whether you are buying it for yourself or for a man that you love or cherish, you will not be disappointed by the quality of these fragrances. They are all out from the top draw of fragrances.