Top discount fragrances

We have been monitoring pricing of top brand fragrances, and checking which ones have biggest discount at which is #1 choice for perfume shopping.

This list consists of the fragrances which were previously too expensive, and with the new, slashed-down price, that offers, have suddently become affordable.

Here are the top discount fragrances for men and women:

Nautica Blue for men – The fashionable, daily use fragrance, is among the best of its kind. The fact it now costs below $16, with free super-fast shipping included, just makes it more of a favorite to me. It is Amazon’s top seller under Eau de parfum for men, and a constant top 5 in the men’s grooming overall category. A mild scent that fits with many skin types, and can be used in summertime, as well as winter.

Nautica Voyage for men – Most people adore this one, and I am certain they would be content to hear that it has an amazon discount promotion running on Amazon and it can be fetched for a $15. A similar selection to Davidoff cool water, for less than half the price.

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And now for the ladies …

Paul Sebastian – Design for women – with an average rank of 4.5 Stars on Amazon, this is most certainly an amazing choice for a fair price. It used to cost $48.00 in Amazon while in the local beauty stores it can cost up to $89. A fair deal indeed. Now Amazon have re-slashed the price and set it under $20. This is a one of a kind offer that is unique even in Amazon’s titanic standards.

D&G 6 L’Amoureux Ladies – This is a luxurious scent, which appears on this list because it’s one of very few times in history this fragrance is on a sale. 44% discount that make a golden scent affordable. A classy 5-Star fragrance.

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These huge discount fragrances are perfect as a gift. If you want the person receiving the perfume to assume you have been spending big bucks on him, whilst in reality you intend to provide him a fine product for an affordable price, then you should follow this list.

If you have been needing a cheap perfume, for under $20 a bottle, then you should refer to this page.