Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne


“I love the sensual and warm feeling it gives my skin along with the scent of blackberries and vanilla. “


Name of perfume: Black XS for Her
Manufacturer: Paco Rabanne

Retail Price: $ 66.37 (1.7 oz)
Best Price: $ 40.00
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Notes: Top Notes:  pink peppercorns, tamarind blossom, cranberry
Middle Notes: hellebore rose
Base Notes: massoia wood, patchouli, vanilla

Most suitable for: Young adult female


Ladies, if you need the perfect fragrance for a night out on the town, then Black XS for her by Paco Rabanne is one of the most exciting and stunning scents on the market. All of this is encased in a bottle that evokes the same image that you will find inside it. The beautiful black and fuchsia bottle is a great representation of the sexiness of the scent. And it’s all topped off with a lovely fuchsia rose.

About the scent

This unique scent is sexy from beginning to end. It hits you with a hot, spicy scent that is followed instantly by soft, sumptuous flora. And it’s all finished off with what is viewed at the most appealing scent for men. And all of this is encased in one of the most appealing bottles you can find anywhere.

Inhale. Your scents are punched right away – and hard. This comes from hot chili peppers and pink peppercorns, which are a very eyebrow-raising ingredient in a perfume. But somehow, this punch in the face is a great beginning for this sexy scent.

Smooth and still sexy flora follows the initial perception of the scent. These include lovely roses and black violets, which are the glamorous, feminine side of the sexy appeal that comes with this scent. But of all of it, the remaining scent is the one that will make him want to follow you wherever you go. Vanilla is commonly thought of as the single most attractive scent to men.

The bottom line

A punch in the face, followed by smooth and feminine, and then a trail of an aphrodisiac sounds like the making for a good night for any woman. Black XS for her by Paco Rabanna is a stunning scent. The fragrance review of this particular perfume says one word that sticks out over every other feature you could possibly notice: sexy.

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