Burberry Brit

Burberry Brit


“Brit is not mostly unique or appealing, and it is not something I would put on, but I can’t utter that the charm of this fragrance is totally mislaid on me.”


Name of perfume: Burberry Brit
Manufacturer: Burberry

Retail Price: $ 90.00 (3.4 oz)

Best Price: $ 37 (3.4 oz)

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Notes: lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almond, mahogany wood, amber, vanilla beans and tonka beans

Most suitable for: elegant women, UNISEX



Burberry Brit is the modern answer to British chic. Where the classic British chic epitomizes the gentleman of the past, this modern fragrance is sophisticated and elegant – with just the right touch of modern masculinity, all in a sleek black plaid print that says New British.

About the scent

The fragrance review may seem to many all too feminine, but that is the light sort of masculine that British prep brings to the table. This perfume is an acquired taste that lives solely on refinement and taste instead of bold scents. And it really makes you think.

When we first encounter it, we get a mix of different scents. Light citrus and fun, spicy ginger are softened with cardamom for a very busy and modern beginning scent that you will have to spend a moment attempting to study. That sort of study is what British chic requires.

After that, there is yet another unusual combination of scents for the middle tones of the cologne. This is a mix of wild roses, cedar wood, and nutmeg that will raise yet another eyebrow. This is another sort of strange combination of spicy, deep, and soft that will make you think for a moment. Even the undertone of this great cologne is complicated. It is a mix of oriental woods and musk that are deep and woody, but also a little exotic. Of course the modern British man is a little more cultured.

The bottom line

The greatest thing about the new Burberry Brit is that it embodies the modern man. This is an acquired taste, and a complicated mix of scents that really make you think. This is the new face of chic – in a brand new mix of sleek and modern that is simply enticing.

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