Bvlgari Black

Bvlgari Black


“It is gently piquant, with tip-off of blazing rubber and leather, and an undertone of something which is similar to tobacco leaf.”


Name of perfume: Bvlgari Black
Manufacturer: Bvlgari

Retail Price:$ 74.00
Best Price: $ 31

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Notes: bergamot, smoky tea, jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood, leather, amber, musk, vanilla, resins

Most suitable for: UNISEX


Created in 1998, Bvlgari Black is the essence of what Bvlgari is. This company is known for creating a luxurious, old-fashioned sort of woman. This great fragrance is Bvlgari through and through, and the vintage beauty that this company has created.

About the scent

This is a great scent whose fragrance review begins on the outside of the bottle. And of course, it’s accessorized just like any glamorous vintage diva would be. The bottle is a sleek black with an interesting sort of inset silver top that makes it look more like a piece of jewelry or a work of art than a perfume bottle. A second and maybe a third glance are in order here.

The scent itself is luxury through and through – from beginning to end. It starts off with rich jasmine and tea that make it smell expensive and exotic. Persian rugs and vases from the Orient, anyone? This perfume just starts out smelling expensive. That’s exactly what the Bvlgari woman is all about – artistic luxury that evokes wealth and beauty above anything else.

After that, you encounter something very unusual for a perfume. This comes in the form of a double layer of rich tones. Usually, only the base tones of a perfume are the ones that are rich. But here, it’s both. For the middle, the rich wood tones that are often used as a base for a perfume can be found. Here, you encounter them in the middle of the perfume. Under that is an undertone of more rich elements. These are a combination of amber, musk and the slightly sexy vanilla.

The bottom line

Overstated luxury and exotic creations are the essence of the Bvlgari woman. And this item places all of this in a scent – with just a slight undertone of sexiness. Now, that is what luxury is about.

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