Chance by Chanel

Chance by Chanel


“It is so womanly devoid of being mainly a flower-patterned scent.”


Name of perfume: Chance
Manufacturer: Chanel

Retail Price: $ 130.00
Best Price: $ 94.50

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fresh citron, hyacinth, amber, patchouli and jasmine.

Most suitable for: Elegant Women


When you think of Chanel, you think of vintage, sophisticated sexy. But with Chance by Chanel, the fragrance line of this company has reached out to a very different generation with a light, spicy, youthful creation.

About the scent

A simple sexy, round bottle full of light colored liquid starts of a fragrance review that will no doubt surprise you. This modern bottle is a warning that something is very different with this new creation. Chance is definitely not your grandma’s perfume.

As soon as you firs begin to experience this great scent, you realize that this is very different from any Chanel cologne that you have ever seen. This sexy scent starts everything off with some light citrus and flower tones that evoke a light, feminine feel. You will get a little hyacinth and jasmine with the bold, fun citrus tone that you will find simply irresistible. It starts off cute for sure, but it doesn’t really continue that way.

Following the fun, cute, sugary scents that you start off with is the spice that makes its perfect partner. This is done with – what else – pink pepper. After all, you can’t have sugar without spice. Things just wouldn’t be the same.

Any modern girl needs to leave an impression as she leaves, and this perfume does this as well. This great cologne leaves a very resonating impression with a deep combination of white musk, amber and patchouli. This is definitely not something you would think of when you think of Chanel fragrances.

The bottom line

Young women will again find the C logo appealing, and this time in a great perfume. The youthful, wild scent of Chance by Chanel comes with a lot of pop and punch. It’s definitely all sugar and spice, just like girls today.

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