Chaz for Men by Jean Philippe

Chaz for Men by Jean Philippe


“He also uses this for some occasions and he would always get compliments”


Name of perfume: Chaz for Men
Manufacturer: Jean Philippe

Retail Price: $ 20.00
Best Price: $ 14
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Notes: lavender, citrus, oriental woods

Most suitable for: Adult men


If the typical heady men’s cologne is just too overwhelming, as it can be for most young men, then a great alternative to the rich scent is Chaz for Men by Jean Philippe. This light, fresh fragrance has just a touch of masculine to let you know it’s for a guy.

About the scent

The modern, edgy bottle of this cologne instantly tells you what the fragrance review confirms. This cologne is for younger men who are looking for a youthful break from the usual type of scent that is common for men. Everywhere the norm would take a scent; this cologne takes a sharp turn in the other direction.

The initial impression of this scent is very subtle, much unlike some of the popular men’s tones that slap you in the face. This is a crisp, light impression that makes you think of clean linen and just jumping out of the shower. Even though it may be a little simple, there is nothing wrong with this great scent. Clean is always a good thing.

In case this perfume is a little too subtle for you, a hint of musk makes the base of it. This is a slight reminder that you are still encountering a masculine scent in case it is too light for you. This is just enough reminder of the masculinity that is needed for a good men’s cologne, but it forgoes the deep, woody tones that commonly base out a popular men’s cologne.

The bottom line

Where a traditional popular men’s cologne will hit you in the face with a scent and finish it off with something deep and rich, you see a sharp break from tradition. The light, fresh scent of Chaz for Men by Jean Philippe is perfect for a youthful guy that doesn’t enjoy the traditional scent.

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