How to choose your scent

We heard it on the radio, we read it in the press, we’ve seen it on TV: there are superb sales of perfumes and other beauty products nowadays, and buying online even reduces the ever decreasing cost of a perfume.
Too many times, we find ourselves rushing into the stores with no game-plan. We are tempted to make a quick, rash, decision that is not backed up by a proper background inspection. We do not know much, but we still buy.

This site has put up a few goals in educating the public:

Where to buy fragrances for cheap – how NOT spend our hard earnt money in the stores.
• Create top-lists that will feature a bunch of popular, high end perfumes and colognes with an affordable cost. Like best fragrance for men and best fragrance for women lists.
• Create reviews that will stick to an objective-as-possible line of action.
• Create pages like these that will help you plan your move better next time.

What to choose? How to choose? We sometimes spray our wrists with fragrances in the store, and we get completely mixed up. It is impossible to understand a scent in an atmosphere that has plenty of other strong and dominant scents.
You should choose a scent after testing it the proper way – if you are unsure of it, you can check our fragrance suggested store where you would, at times, be able to purchase a tester bottle of a fragrance. That would be a perfect test in the natural environment. If you aren’t tight with money, you can also buy small (not tester) bottles for testing – 1 Oz perfume costs $15 or less.
Do not believe the hype, or the advertising. A fragrance can help you achieve a great first impression, can help your “game” with the ladies, but it will most certainly not turn anyone’s character upside or restore your youth.
Celebrities sometimes sponsor these type of beauty products – don’t fall into traps. If Brad Pit has defined it as the symbol of manhood it doesn’t necessarily say this is his opinion. He was paid to say whatever they wanted him to say, bear that in mind. On the other hand you can know the brand is for surely successful and prosperous if they manage to find a high profile actor to take part in their advertising campaign.
It is important to keep limitations in mind – some fragrances are seasonal. Sweet, delicate perfumes fit summertime, and don’t become too sour when they are mixed with sweat, and on the other hand powerful scents are optimal for winter time. Think of the climate and the occasion before you pick a fragrance.
Be sure to match the way you smell with the way you dress. Read our reviews carefully and understand who is the target audience of the fragrance. Wearing a scent you find nice is not enough – a cologne will also convey something towards society.

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