CK Free by Calvin Klein Inc.

CK Free by Calvin Klein


“The perfume is very good and contemporary. “


Name of perfume: CK Free
Manufacturer: Calvin Klein Inc.

Retail Price: $ 60.51
Best Price: $ 30

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Notes:buchu, leather suede, coffee, tobacco leaves plus notes of iron wood, oak, patchouli & cedar

Most suitable for: Young Teens


Calvin Klein men’s cologne is known for being very aggressive and masculine. When you pick up the bottle of CK Free, it looks sleek and modern. But if you take the cap off of this fragrance, it is anything but sleek and modern.

About the scent

The fragrance review is a sharp 90 degree turn from the bottle. As soon as you get the first hint of this, you are hit in the face by intoxicating absinthe and pungent juniper berries. This sharp combination will border on a mix of appealing and burning your nose hairs. Before you can decide if this is too much for you, it’s gone and replaced with something else that makes you even more interested.

When you get past the slap in the face, you get a rich masculine combination that makes you think of cowboys. Suede, tobacco, and coffee combine for a recognizable smell that is a man from beginning to end. Rippling muscles that are in your face strong followed by a mysterious, rough cowboy hat. Can it get any better?

Of course it can. This scent finishes off with a rich, woody base that will make you feel comfortable and needing more of the initial punch. This compliment is what balances out the scent so it is not too much to handle. And it’s also what makes it seem warm along with all the testosterone that you get when you first smell it. Calvin Klein has definitely created a very well-rounded man here, and we definitely like him.

The bottom line

When you see the bottle of CK Free by Calvin Klein, you see a free, modern look. But when you take off the lid, it’s almost as if the scent took a major dose of steroids. It’s a surprising punch in a bottle that provides no warning.

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