Davidoff Hot Water by Zino Davidoff


“The lively red centre shed light on the matt black covering which is compared to the beating of the heart.”


Name of perfume: Davidoff Hot Water
Manufacturer: Zino Davidoff

Retail Price: $ 55.00
Best Price: $ 32.00

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Notes: absynth and red basil

middle notes: hot accords of pimento and patchouli

base notes: styrax and benzoin.

Most suitable for: Business Men


If you like Davidoff Cool Water, it will truly appealing to you use Davidoff Hot Water by Zino Davidoff.  Actually this is the counterpart of Cool Water which is good for your evening affair.  Everyone who wears this perfume will reveal his natural instinct and ingenuous sex appeal.  You will feel the burning heat full of energy and sophistication as a man.  That is Davidoff Hot Water.  Wearing this will make you feel that you are always ready for action.

About the scent

Davidoff Hot Water creates an erotic and sensuous scent that will absolutely allure any woman on this world.  Perfectly made for active men, Hot Water scent includes great components that make it truly amazing and distinctive.

This has a daring scent with fresh and spicy notes on deep contrasts combined with freshness and warmth.  The perfume is made of vibrant red basil. It is combined with super hot pimiento and virile patchouli.  The end notes create an ultra masculine and burning scent that conveys pure seduction.  You will absolutely feel that you are the man for every woman, giving you the real essence of a man.

You can have Davidoff Hot Water in an excellent bottle design.  With a smooth black cap and side grip, it has a sparkling rouge body.  The design portrays explosively hot with its red centre shed light which can be compared to a heartbeat because of the illumination of its matt black packaging.

The bottom line

Get one now for you.  Be one of those who have already expressed their true feelings of satisfaction.  Check it out in fragrance review.  You will surely be pushed to join the loop of real men on their real spicy notes.  Get this scent of passion with erotic masculine appeal in 30ml, 60ml or 110ml bottle.

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