Declaration Essence Men by Cartier


“For me, this perfume is the triggering factor in the morning that helps me do my best for the rest of the day.”


Name of perfume: Declaration Essence Men
Manufacturer: Cartier

Retail Price: $ 105.00 (3.4 oz)
Best Price: $ 36

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Notes: Top Notes:  orange, cedar, bergamot
Middle Notes: cardamom, oakmoss, birch wood
Base Notes: rosewood, moss, vetiver

Most suitable for: Adult men


Perfume is not only made for women.  Many men are also instinctively in love with delightful scent.  In fact most men do not want to smell like everyone else.  Each and everyone want to be unique and smell good without losing the masculine appeal. So if you are looking for something different, Declaration Essence Men by Cartier could be the right one for you.  This is specially made for men in love.  Many have already tried this scent and find it so irresistible.

About the scent

Declaration Essence can be a good motivation for every man to work on his best every day.  The scent is inspiring and will ignite everyone’s passion to work for the day. The fragrance creates a quite impressive scent that anyone could surely notice.  This is perfect for daytime wear even if you are doing your workouts or gym activities.

The notes include citrus extract with fresh note of lime, lemon and orange.  It also includes lavender, tea, pelargonium and orange blossom.  These are perfectly matched with base notes of amber, sandalwood, vetiver and musk.  Combining all of these together creates a spicy, woody and sensual scent which is great for men who are always on the go.

Declaration Essence for Men is another creation of Cartier that comes in limited edition.  It is packed in an elegant bottle with a heart shape on top.  Truly profound sensual scent, Declaration Essence is the perfume which every woman would love for his man.

The bottom line

Fragrance review reveals that every man wearing this perfume has always been being asked what perfume he has.  Simply because men and women were all impressed and in love on the scent.  Some women even find their men so sexy wearing this perfume.  You can be one of them.  You may get it from your favorite perfume outlets or you may shop on line. This might be pricey but a great buy!

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