Delicious Night by DKNY


“If you love sweet blackberry, Delicious Night could be just the right one for you.”


Name of perfume: Delicious Night

Manufacturer: DKNY

Retail Price: $ 75.00
Best Price: $ 62.50

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Notes: Cardamom, Orchid, Bergamot, Cognac, Rum, Moss, Saffron, Vanilla, Apple Liqueur, Davana, Sandalwood, Mandarin, Ozone, Coffee Absolute

Most suitable for: Elegant Women


DKNY is perfectly known for its fashion trending.  Donna Karan had been one of the most popular personalities in the fashion world not only in clothes collection but in fragrances as well.  Each and every perfume that is being introduced in the market by DKNY had been highly acceptable not only by women but by men as well.

DKNY had launched its Be Delicious line of fragrances and remarkably been successful.  This has been inspired by the name of New York City, the Big Apple.  Its apple-shaped fragrances and its Red Delicious have really been positioned on top in the fragrance industry.  And now, DKNY is presenting another inspiring scent that comes in the purple design, the Delicious Night by DKNY.

About the scent

Delicious Night by DKNY was introduced in the market in 2007 after the success of Be Delicious signature perfumes. IFF perfumers were in charge of the design.

The perfume comes in floral-oriented scent.  The top notes include crushed ginger, pink freesia, frosted pomelo, martini accord and chilled blackberry.  Night orchid, pink iris and jasmine completed the middle notes.  The base notes reveal vetiver, amber, myrrh extract, frankincense, and patchouli.  The combination of all these extracts makes the scent strong, extremely sweet and ice cold at the opening.  The crushed ginger balance and cut all the sugar.  You can truly experience sweet blackberry scent with this perfume.

The scent is perfect for evening wear and great for sophisticated women.  Based on fragrance review, many men find their women so sexy wearing this perfume.  Delicious Night by DKNY is truly a delightful scent for sensuous woman.

The bottom line

DKNY perfumes are worth the price you pay for.  Just like any other DKNY signature products, Delicious Night is absolutely right for you.  It is available in 50 and 100 ml eau de perfume.  By the way, the scent is also available in lip gloss, body lotion and shower gel.

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