Drakkar Dynamik by Guy Laroche


“I always find myself inspired in the morning after spraying Drakkar Dynamik.”


Name of perfume: Drakkar Dynamik

Manufacturer: Guy Laroche

Retail Price: $ 79.95 (100ml)

Best Price: $47

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Top Notes:  Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, Lavander
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose, Tea, Fir
Base Notes: Cedar, Sandal, Moss, Musk

Most suitable for: Adult man


Perfume is not only made for women, this is created for everyone all over the place.  In fact most men are fond of wearing perfume not just because they want to impress their women.  A man wears a perfume to make them feel the real essence of being a man.  There are perfumes that could really get along with the natural scent of a man.  Some can be sporty and fresh.  Some perfume can really be more energetic and strong.  Some are truly amazing that could bring out the real man power.

Drakkar Dynamic is known for a very strong and protective fragrance.  It has always been a part of every fragrance review at all times.  Surely you might be hearing this for quite a long time already and yet still positioned to be one of the great choices of every man on this world.

About the scent

Spraying Drakkar Dynamik makes every man starts his day vibrantly.  It is quite inspiring to make a good start of the day.  This perfume has been launched as early as 1999 by Guy Laroche.  The top notes are combination of grapefruit and green apple, while red pepper takes the middle notes.  The base notes are top with sandalwood moss, musk and cedar leaves.  So just imagine how great the scent could be with all those combinations.

The grapefruit top note of Drakkar Dynamik ignites every man’s excitement.  While the middle notes balance the over powering side of you.  The base notes could truly give an aura of a man that will truly gives out real power and authority.

One good thing about the scent of this perfume is it seems like it has magic.  Every man who wears this could highly affect the power of mind in decision making as well as in planning.  Some says that the scent will give you good recall of memories.

The bottom line

Feeling like always fresh and coming out from the shower room even during the middle of the day is seemingly amazing when you wear Drakkar.  Buy one now!

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