Dune by Christian Dior


“It is the ideal fragrance, no matter what the season is.”


Name of perfume: Dune
Manufacturer: Christian Dior

Retail Price: $ 110.00 (3.4 oz)

Best Price: $ 85 (3.4 oz)

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Its top note includes bergamot, mandarin, palisander, aldehyde, peony and broom followed by heart note composed of jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, lily, wallflower, lichen. Base notes are vanilla, patchouli, benzoin, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, and musk.

Most suitable for: Young teens


Women of all times would surely love Christian Dior perfumes.  One of the world class perfumers the house of Christian Dior created and continuously bringing out unforgettable fragrances all over the place.  The perfumes come in different variants, creating each and every woman to be sophisticated, sensual and simple. And one of the perfumes that passed every fragrance review in town is Dune.  This can be perfect for women of all ages but most especially for younger generations.

About the scent

Jean-Louis Sieuzac, one of the greatest perfumers in the world made Dune for the perfume house of Christian Dior.  This perfume was launched in 1991 and highly acclaimed by perfume lovers.  Every woman wearing this gets a feeling of sensuality and intrigue.  It has a fresh smelling floral scent that mixes with sweet ocean fragrance.

Dune’s top note includes mandarin, broom, palisander, bergamot, peony and aldehyde.  The heart note is basically composed of wallflower, ylang-ylang, lichen, jasmine and lily.  Vanilla, oakmoss, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, benzoin and amber complete the base notes.

The perfume signifies real peace.  Its scent cuddles the skin with its shimmering ocean appealing coolness with floral drifts.  You would really feel like happily walking along a pristine sand beach.  The scent is very relaxing and perfect for day and night wears.  You can wear it during cold and hotter days.

The bottom line

Dune by Christian Dior is appealing to all women.  You can have it whenever you go to the office or to any place you want to.  In fact you can continuously wear it from your adolescent times and even as you grow older.  Try this exquisite perfume now. This is a great and ideal perfume for all times.  You can have it in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml contemporary bottle with curved boundaries created by Veronique Monod.

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