Dunhill London by Alfred Dunhill


“he is so proud of the compliments he receives so I just let him enjoy his experience.”


Name of perfume: Dunhill London
Manufacturer: Alfred Dunhill

Retail Price: $ 68.00 (3.4 oz)
Best Price: $ 34

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Notes: Top Notes:  Crisp apple
Middle Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Rich patchouli

Most suitable for: Adult men


Who says perfume is just for women?  Well that is not true because men and women are equal when it comes to perfume.  There are perfumes that are perfectly made for men without losing their masculinity and there are perfumes that are great for women.  Different types of perfumes and colognes are available for adult and younger men.  Some men are really fond of choosing the best perfume for them.  There are some men on the other hand who let their women choose the one for them.  Dunhill London is one of the best perfumes that are suited for adult men.  This creates an appealing scent with authority.  Many women love to smell this elegant fragrance for their men.

About the scent

Dunhill London is given to us by Alfred Dunhill.  Actually this suits more for the middle aged men but can still be good for younger and older than 40s.  The perfume creates a simple sugary sweet and balances with mint scent.  A little spray of this perfume could create a great impact inside the room and make the man wearing it stands out among others.  This can be worn during day time whenever you go to the office.  You may also opt to use this occasionally during night gatherings.

The scent may not be as good as for summer days.  But do not be confused as the smell is still refreshing but more suited during cold season.  This is because of the crisp apple that is in the top notes with a combination of rose for the middle notes.  And this all ended with rich patchouli for the base notes.

The bottom line

For fragrance review, this gets a high five.  This is surely a great buy for all men out there.  A woman would get this as one of the perfect gift ideas for her man.  The spreading power is really irresistible and long lasting.

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