Eau de Cartier by Cartier


“I am telling you, Eau de Cartier is an astounding fragrance. “


Name of perfume: Eau de Cartier

Manufacturer: Cartier

Retail Price: $ 110.00
Best Price: $ 51.72

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Notes: yuzu, bergamot, violet leaves and flowers, musk, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, amberam

Most suitable for: UNISEX


If there are perfumes made specifically for women and particularly for men, there are for sure that are made for both.  There are some perfumes that could be great for his and her.  And many people prefer to have unisex fragrance.  One good thing about a scent that can be for his and her is that you and your partner could share enjoying the same smell.

In fact some partners or lovers are too serious about making themselves as one.  This can be true the same color of clothes to wear, same eyewear, same accessories and same scent.  This is their great declaration of their love for one another.  Eau de Cartier is one of the perfumes that can be applicable for men and women as well.

About the scent

Eau de Cartier is launched by the house of Cartier.  This was introduced to the perfume market all over the place in 2001.  Just like other Cartier perfumes, this one create astonishing freshness that provides invigorating and energetic aroma for both male and female.  This is great for all occasions but could be best for evening wear.  It is an eye catcher smell that everyone will surely take a second look on you when you pass by.  Everyone wearing this perfume will surely be standing out among others in the crowd.

Its scent truly expresses its color green notes of young leaves.  The liquid in the elegant bottle created by Thierry de Baschmakoff emits captivating fresh green scent.  The notes include coriander leaves, lavender leaves and violet leaves.  Combining all of these will give you the initial smell once you spray it.  Then as the time gets longer, the middle notes of nutmeg and blond amber will get into the picture.  This combination creates a sweeter but a little bit spicier scent.  In a subtle way, the base notes of blue cedar wood, patchouli and musk will make you smell that you are just out from a bath.

The bottom line

Wear Eau de Cartier now.  You can have it in different sizes.  If you try this, you will surely give a positive fragrance review.

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