Eau des Merveilles by Hermes


“Eau de Merveilles helps me to reveal my personality -control over different things. “


Name of perfume: Eau des Merveilles
Manufacturer: Hermes

Retail Price: $ 120.00 (3.3 oz)
Best Price: $ 91.73

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Notes: Top Notes:  Oak, Cedar, Vetiver, Pervian balm
Middle Notes: Gray Amber
Base Notes: Italian lemon, Seville orange, Elemi, Pink pepper

Most suitable for: Mature women


Hermes is a very well known icon for high end bags.  In fact many women are always dreaming to have at least one of the many collections of Hermes bags.  The bags are really quite expensive but will surely give a real satisfaction for every one.  This is not just because of the durability but to the spectacular designs that Hermes has.  That is Hermes, always known for high quality, elegant and stylish designs.

And Hermes is bringing out the same captivating and exhilarating product line up when it comes to perfume.  For sure, you will be hooked up Eau des Merveilles by Hermes.  Truly, this is a perfect fragrance for all women in this world.  Well while it is true that this is great for every woman, it could be more perfect for matured ones.

About the scent

Many people may wonder what is good about Eau des Merveilles perfume.  Well, from the packaging to the bottle and end up to the perfume itself, the product is really amazing.  Every woman would really be in love in the entire perfume.  The bottle was elegantly design giving out an impression of sands in the beach with its yellow gold color in the bottom that could be imagined as the setting sun.

The scent is best suitable for those who do not want so much sweet.  The smell is perfectly made for women but gives out some masculinity creating a feeling of a strong personality for every woman who wears it.

The transitions of notes from top, to middle and up to base notes are very smooth without overpowering one over the other.  The notes are perfectly and harmoniously blended.  A fragrance review reveals that this is best for summer.  However, others who have tried it are strongly recommending it for all season wear.  It is kind of refreshing during hot days and acts like a warm blanket that is soothing to one’s skin during cold days.

The bottom line

Once you get one, you will surely get another one and will continuously have one for your entire life.  The scent is quite addicting!

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