Envy by Gucci

Envy by Gucci


Envy us still one of the most excellent fragrances in its kind.


Name of perfume: Envy
Manufacturer: Gucci

Retail Price: $ 76
Best Price: $ 53

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Notes: Top notes: magnolia, lily of the valley and jasmine. The middle notes are: violet, iris and sandalwood and the base notes are: musk, vetiver and moss.

Most suitable for: Elegant women


It is always a great passion of every woman to wear elegant dresses and perfumes.  And one of the best perfumes that a woman would love to wear is the Envy by Gucci.  Not everybody knows that Gucci started out as a leather manufacturer.  Then it already captured the perfume industry and continuously emerging as one of the best providers of top quality perfumes in the world.  This perfumes come with elegance and sophistication.  Be it for a man or for a woman.  Most of the fragrances created by this brand are floral and fruity which are all perfect for daytime and nighttime wears.

About the scent

Envy is one of the most captivating perfumes that Gucci had introduced to the market.  Any woman who wears this perfume will surely be the center of envy in her group.  The aroma instigates sophistication and style.  This was launched in 1997 and remarkably positioned as the best fragrance that Gucci released in the perfume industry.

This perfume was created by one of the best perfumers in the world, Maurice Roucel.  It embellishes extravagant and yet simple structure of scent that everybody would love.  You can have the sagacity of delicateness at the first look.  But as you go deeper, you will start to feel the strength and alluring scent that makes a woman realize the essence of being one, a proud and strong woman she may be.

Yes it is unmistakably right that floral scents have been emerging in the market for quite sometime.  But Envy had developed more taking the lead to be the best floral scent it can be.  The top notes are composed of magnolia combined with a huge try of lily of the valley and jasmine.  Going to the heart of it are violet, iris and sandalwood.  As you ended up the day, you will smell the scents of musk, moss and vetiver.  This is a great combination for elegant women.

The bottom line

Once you start using it, it will be a never ending astonishment for you.  This gets thumbs up in fragrance review and recommended for every real woman on this world.

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