Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

“I think that this should be the ideal scent of a man, very classy.”


Name of perfume: Fahrenheit 32
Manufacturer: Christian Dior
Retail Price: $ 85.00 (3.4 oz)
Best Price: $ 74

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Top Notes: Orange blossom
Middle Notes: Vetiver
Base Notes: Vanilla
Most suitable for: Young adult to adult men


Fahrenheit by Christian Dior was a fiery perfume that became incredibly popular upon its release. The second edition, though, Fahrenheit 32, made an interesting partner to this original creation. Where the first was hot, this one is cold.

About the scent

The outside of this perfume reflects the scent of itself. It is a great frosted transparent sort of color that says one thing: frost. And the interior of the bottle reflects the exact same thing about the cologne – in case the coolness is a little too fleeting.

And it may very well be when you consider the fragrance review. You get hit with it initially in a very soft way that some customers claim may smell sweet like some sort of candy. Orange blossom also comes out in the opening of these to add to the light, sweetness that it comes out within the very beginning. Melon is also identified in the beginning for a citrus note that is incredibly popular.

Then you get a touch of vetiver and something that is a little spicy, somewhat like clove. But this is very quickly softened by an unusual undertone that makes it a little sweet and sexy. The scent itself fades very quickly because of the lack of strong undertones that are common for masculine scents.

This also brings about another factor regarding this cologne. It is a little unusual for a men’s cologne, but if you are looking for something completely unique and as light as literally possible, then you will absolutely love this great, unique fragrance.

The bottom line

Fahrenheit 32 is definitely not fiery, warm cologne, even though it is a little spicy. If it could be described as anything, it has the harsh chilling power of clove chewing gum combined with a light, fresh melon. It is no mint, but it is the next best thing.

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