Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana

Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana


“As the brand itself says FEMININE it is indeed so feminine and this is the fragrance that I much loved! “


Name of perfume: Feminine
Manufacturer: Dolce & Gabbana

Retail Price: $ 169
Best Price: $ 160

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Top Notes: Tangerine, Yuzu
Middle Notes: Nenuphur, White Cyclamen, Green Pear, Ozone, Mimosa, Blue Wisteria, Lily, Mauve Heliotrope
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Kashmir Woo

Most suitable for: Elegant women


Feminine. It says a lot about anything that it refers to when it is used. But when it is the name of a women’s perfume, there is a lot to live up to. This fragrance must really embody what it is to be a woman. Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana does just that.

About the scent

Of course, when you are doing a fragrance review of a scent with such a name, you must have flowers. The opening notes of this interesting fragrance are made of water lily and tangerine for the perfect mix of flora and citrus. Citrus is a popular opening note for scents of both men and women because of how much it lightens the initial blow of the scent.

More flowers are continued on to the middle of this great scent, very similarly to the opening with a little more punch. And for even more flowers, lily and mimosa follow this – because, after all, a woman can’t have enough flowers, can she? Most would say no way, and so does D&G.

Underneath it all is the perfect finish – a combination of depth and sexiness. The depth comes from a very popular scent that is common in base notes of scents: sandalwood. The sexiness comes from a very popular aphrodisiac for women’s scents that just draws men in no matter where it comes from: vanilla. Men love the scent of vanilla on a woman, so this is the perfect bottom note to add to any perfume to leave the perfect lasting impression.

The bottom line

Feminine by Dolce & Gabbana thinks that three things are needed to create a scent that will truly describe what it is to be a woman: flowers, sexiness, and of course a little depth and mystery. And we agree.

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