Fuel For Life for women and Fuel for Life for men by Diesel

Fuel for Life by Diesel


“This is for somebody who has the looks and likes to attract someone.”


Name of perfume: Fuel For Life for women and Fuel for Life for men
Manufacturer: Diesel

Retail Price: For Women – $ 79.50 / For Men – $ 74.50
Best Price: For Women – $ 45.99 / For Men – $ 59.79
Best Place to buy: fragrancex.com

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For Women – Mandarin, Pink Pepper, Jasmine, Patchouli, Black Currant, Raspberry, and Musk

For Men – Star Anise, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lavender, Heliotrope, Dry Woods

Most suitable for: UNISEX


It’s an unusual thing for a company to create a pair of fragrances for him and her. But Diesel says if anyone can do it, they can. And they came out with Fuel for Life for Him and for her.

About the scent

The fragrance review of this unique pair obviously takes an address of two different scents. Both bring the unique, edgy sort of feel for which Diesel is known. The bottles themselves say it all: for him, the simple, modern bottle is housed in brown, vintage-style leather; for her, the bottle is in a lovely crocheted material that evokes the popular Bohemian styles created by this company for women.

Both fragrances are young and youthful, opening with a popular citrus note that is very common. For him, grapefruit is used, which is a little uncommon. And for her, mandarin is used. It would seem that grapefruit may provide a more feminine scent, but what it Diesel if it doesn’t throw a curve ball and do things its own way?

The base notes of these take two different directions. For him, you get a combination of lavender and wood tones under it all that sort of make the scent a little harsh for some people, but it definitely works for a young man. It’s edgy and different. For her, the undertones are black currant and patchouli. Whenever patchouli is used as a base note, it softens everything else for a very feminine final impression. Overall, the two are very fitting the image of young men and women that Diesel loves to evoke.

The bottom line

The Fuel for Life fragrance pair for him and her are two very unique fragrances that really bring an edgy, youthful note to the picture that says Diesel through and through. Both start off with citrus and end with the best feel for their own gender.

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