This fragrance is brusque, sparkling and revitalizing as well and an ideal fragrance for businessmen.


Name of perfume: Gendarme
Manufacturer: Gendarme

Retail Price: $ 65
Best Price: $44

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Notes: cucumber, basil, citrus, and spice notes

Most suitable for: Businessmen


Gendarme as a company has released a long line of fragrances, but its namesake is probably the most significant of men’s colognes created by this unique company. This fragrance is simple and clean, the perfect introductory fragrance for a men’s cologne company.

About the scent

Of course, the opener of this fragrance, being a clean scent, is citrus. This is a very appealing and incredibly popular opening note for men and women both. It creates a very light, fun opening that is nowhere near overwhelming for the wearer. That way, you won’t get a headache right away from a strong scent.

Two nice, clean herbal sorts of scents follow this that is very popular for many people that have done a fragrance review of this great scent. These are jasmine and thyme. Jasmine is a popular floral note that is very light and relaxing for people. Thyme adds a great, natural herbal sort of scent that people will really love. Men will love the light feel and women will be drawn to it as well.

Gendarme ends this all with a reminder that this is a men’s cologne. After all, you have to end a light, fresh scent with a reminder of masculinity. With this great cologne, it is done with the scent of leather as a base note. Leather is a very popular, but somewhat rarer choice for a base note. But who doesn’t love the smell of leather? This popular undertone is a very lasting scent that will make men smile and women melt.

The bottom line

If the maker was trying to find the perfect scent for a woman when smelling it on a man, it has definitely done so. Gendarme’s namesake says man when it opens with light, clean scents and ties them through to a masculine base note with simple, natural and relaxing middle tones. All that can be said is, “Mmm.”

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