Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene


“We both enjoyed how we love to be always together because of this perfume.”


Name of perfume: Grey Flannel
Manufacturer: Geoffrey Beene

Retail Price: $ 29.00 (4.0 oz)
Best Price: $ 14.29

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Top Notes:  Cypress, Mandarin orange, Star anise, Caraway, Cedar, Lemon
Middle Notes: Eucalyptus, Patchouli, Lavender
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver

Most suitable for: Adult men


When you think of the name, you think of a warm, classic fabric common in men’s shirts and pants. Maybe you think of your father or grandpa. If so, the 1970s fragrance called Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene has definitely done its job.

About the scent

Of course, as the name implies, the bottle is sold wrapped in a lovely – what else – grey flannel pouch. As if the name wasn’t enough to hint at what will be occurring in a fragrance review of this cologne? Do you think there will be a theme here?

From beginning to end, this great cologne seems warm and very vintage. Violet is the single note that is said to be the single star of this fragrance. This stunning floral note rings through the entire scent from beginning to end and gives it a very vintage feel. On its own is sweet, but it takes on the different notes as it goes through its pairings in each level of this great scent.

The violet in the beginning is paired of course with a citrus note that lightens it because nobody likes a man that is overbearing in the beginning. Under all this is the herbal scent of oakmoss that is sort of relaxing and comforting when it rings through the lovely violet. Sandalwood is the masculine, warm woody base note that is very common, but exceedingly popular. With the sweetness of violet, the sandalwood makes you really feel all warm and fuzzy inside – sort of like flannel pajamas, huh?

The bottom line

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is great warm cologne that evokes a classic, vintage sort of feel. Violet stars in this tone as it goes from light and sweet to warm and fun. This cologne is truly vintage, being around since the 1970s, and there is no wonder why it is incredibly popular.

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