Gucci by Gucci

Gucci by Gucci


“I should assume a man could leave wearing Gucci by Gucci just fine.”


Name of perfume: Gucci by Gucci
Manufacturer: Gucci

Retail Price: $ 85.00
Best Price: $ 49

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guava, raspberry, pear, chamomile, Tahitian Tiare flower, orange blossom, spider lily, patchouli, honey and musk

Most suitable for: Business Men


Any time a fashion company creates a fragrance that is to be its namesake; it has to ring true to the feel of the company. It has to evoke the same feel the products do and the view the company boasts. Gucci by Gucci does this.

About the scent

Gucci is known in the fashion world for being sophisticated, fun, and very, very chic. The bottle itself says the fragrance review of this great scent will be just that. It is lovely and sophisticated, with great lines and popular neutral tones that are very common with Gucci as a company.

Just as a runway show, this great scent may start out a little strong and misunderstood, so you may want to use just a little of this perfume. And let it sit a minute, because it calms quickly. It opens boldly with fruit, but not citrus as is common. Instead, it uses rich guava and pear. This may be a little unusual, but this brand tends to do things its own way. The pear and guava are undeniably sweet and not just citrusy, but fruity – really fruity.

The middle is a tiare and really serves as a transition between the top notes and base notes. It is arguably nonexistent except to calm down the fruity tones to get to the great bottom note of it all. The bottom note is still a little sweet, but very soft and rich. It combines patchouli for a very feminine feel with musk and honey for sweetness. The base notes of this perfume are what make it popular.

The bottom line

Gucci by Gucci may start a little misunderstood, but well into the show, you will find the combination of sweet and luxurious simply irresistible. Yes, we are still talking about the perfume, too. But this perfume definitely presents the same view as the company.

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