Halston Man by Halston

Halston Man by Halston


It is really an amazing creation!


Name of perfume:Halston Man
Manufacturer: Halston
Retail Price: $ 30.00
Best Price: $ 13.56

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Notes: Citrus, Artemisia, Passion fruit, Lavender, Mint, Cardamom, Patchouli, Labdanum, Musk

Most suitable for: Adult men


In 2009, a classic fragrance was retouched with a brand new scent that was set to evoke not one, but two classic scents from decades past. This is a complicated job, and for that, Halston Man is a very complicated cologne.

About the scent

Housed in a very unusual silver bottle, this cologne really doesn’t say all that much about it, so the fragrance review will most definitely have to speak for itself. And it definitely does that.

The first notes of this wonderful scent are definitely fruity and arguably feminine. Citrus is a common opener that softens the initial blow of both men and women’s scents. But, the addition to this is most unusual for a women’s cologne, let alone a women’s. This is passion fruit. This creates a very sweet element to the scent initially.

Lavender, mint and cardamom provide the middle tones of the scent. Unlike some middle tones, the mint makes the middle tone stand on its own with this scent. It is a little powerful, but softened by the calming effects of the lavender that leads you over to the base notes for the scent.

Normally, wood tones provide a masculine undertone. Instead, the undertones of this scent are again arguably feminine and light. Patchouli is used with a floral note called French labdanum. The masculine note here is found in the musk. This is the single thing that you are left with, and it reminds you that this light, floral scent is actually supposed to be masculine.

The bottom line

Halston Man is a little complicated, but overall has a pleasing scent. It is definitely an acquired taste for men to wear, but all in general find it to be a pleasing scent. The cologne is definitely good, although it is incredibly unique for a men’s cologne.

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