He Wood Rocky Mountain by Dsquared2

He Wood Rocky Mountain by Dsquared2


I really like it especially its relaxing effect on me.


Name of perfume: He Wood Rocky Mountain
Manufacturer: Dsquared2
Retail Price: $ 80.00 (3.4 oz)
Best Price: $ 44.56

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Top Notes: violet, violet leaf

Middle Notes: vetiver, cedar

Base Notes: amber, musk, fir

Most suitable for: Adult Men


He Wood Rocky Mountain by DSquared2 is a unique scent created by two men for one thing: men. Manliness is what the creators decided to do a few years ago when they created this fragrance, and have definitely done it.

About the scent

The fragrance review definitely has to be manly with all the claims of this cologne. And the bottle only does more to evoke that sort of Canadian lumberjack in a flannel sort of feel. It is housed in an open wood case itself.

The initial feel of the scent is a little bold, but once you get past it and are able to discern what is going on, you smell one thing: violet. Violet, when combined with lighter materials such as vetiver, creates a very soft, warm tone. Warm is a great way to start off a men’s cologne because it makes you think of something comforting.

The violet continues throughout the final two tones of this particular fragrance. In the middle note, it is combined with more floral tones to create a nice transition from the beginning to the end of the scent. For a woman, floral tones are bold, but for a man, they can almost get lost in the middle of more aggressive, warmer scents. A hint of spices make sure these floral notes are noticed in the middle. And spicy for a man is always a good thing also.

Under it all are some tones that make it even warmer and more masculine. Commonly, for men’s scents, masculine undertones are musk, amber, and cedar. And here we see these, of course. Because what would a manly scent be without manly undertones?

The bottom line

He Wood Rocky Mountain by DSquared2 is a great men’s cologne that evokes a nice manly feel with a great warmth from beginning to end. When you wear this, you may be tempted to let your beard grow out.

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