Hugo by Hugo Boss

Hugo by Hugo Boss


“I’m so amazed with Hugo Boss because it is stimulating, daring scent that made women asks about the fragrance that you are wearing with an amusing smile on their faces.”


Name of perfume: Hugo
Manufacturer: Hugo Boss

Retail Price: $ 37
Best Price: $ 25

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Notes: woods, fresh citrus and spicy leaves


Most suitable for: Business Men and Young Teens


In 1995, Hugo Boss introduced its namesake scent for men. This flask-shaped wonderful cologne has staid as an incredibly popular creation since then.

About the scent

How else would you handle a men’s fragrance other than put it in a bottle that looks like a flask? It just seems like something you should most definitely do. And Hugo Boss decides that is perfect for its namesake cologne. This fragrance review will put hair on your chest.

A lot is going on in each level of this great scent. We open up with a lot of fruit and some additions that make you think of one thing: mixed drinks. Grapefruit lightens it with citrus, and green apple makes it really fruity. But this is sort of lost among the pine, thyme, spearmint and basil that make it seem a little herbal. The addition of cedar leaves in the top notes warm it up, and rum gives you a little buzz right away.

When your head stops spinning, you move on to the middle tones of this cologne. Here is cedar again for warmth because this cologne is masculine through and through. With that are spicy cloves and sage. This is all softened by jasmine and lavender tones that proved the perfect transition to the bottom notes.

And with the bottom notes, we of course encounter sandalwood, which is a very popular scent for men’s colognes. Moss and fir add a sort of natural tone to the base note of this. And suede finishes it off richly to leave the perfect lasting impression.

The bottom line

The maker presents the idea that the man is a more complicated person than most companies approach with their cologne. With its namesake, Hugo, this company combines a wide array of flavors that create one impression and one impression only: masculinity.

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