Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss

Hugo Woman by Hugo Boss


“I’m really glad Hugo Woman came to me.”


Name of perfume: Hugo Woman
Manufacturer: Hugo Boss

Retail Price: $ 72.00 (4.2 oz)
Best Price: $ 39.75

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Top Notes:  wet moss, apple, cyclamen
Middle Notes: watermelon, hyacinth, jasmine
Base Notes: sandalwood, amber, vanilla

Most suitable for: Adult woman


When you think of Hugo Boss, you commonly think of men’s attire and colognes, but they tackled the woman’s fragrance as well. This fragrance was introduced in 1997.

About the scent

When you experience anything with this brand, you will know very well that every fragrance review by this company will have a lot to tell, because this company’s scents a lot going on. And Hugo Woman is no different. The bottle says simple, but the perfume is anything but.

The fruity notes are the most bold in the top notes of this great fragrance. These come from melon, Granny Smith apple, and peach. This makes them sweet and a little tangy, but most of all incredibly bold. Oak moss and cyclamen tone it all down so that the fruity tones are not overpowering.

Jasmine, lily and hyacinth provide the perfect middle tones of this perfume for a woman. Jasmine mixes well with the other two in order make the scent seem very floral and feminine. Something else is added, though, to make sure the middle tones stand out very well. Orris root is a very herbal addition.

Sandalwood, cedar and amber make a very warm tone that may seem a little masculine. These warm tones are great, but are very popular even for men’s colognes created. In order to add a final note that will remain feminine enough, they’ve used vanilla and orchid. This provides both a sexy note and a great floral note.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that Hugo Woman has a lot going on. But, this great scent has a lot of wonderful combinations that provide a rich edge added to classically feminine scents. It has created a very lastingly popular perfume.

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