Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior


“I can feel the scent of almond like it’s for eternity, even once I’ve washed my clothes, except the remainder of it weakens very fast.


Name of perfume: Hypnotic Poison
Manufacturer: Christian Dior

Retail Price: $ 103.00

Best Price: $ 89.73


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vanilla, May rose, Sambac jasmine and orange blossom

Most suitable for: Young teens


If you consider what’s in a name, this fragrance for women created in 1998 by Christian Dior will make you feel sort of naughty even saying it. And that is exactly what is going on here.

About the scent

A common note in the fragrance review for Hypnotic Poison refers to it as an Oriental vanilla. This, combined with the red and black bottle will tell you already that you are definitely in for something sexy. And that is an understatement.

As soon as you are introduced to this lovely scent, you will most definitely be caught with the sex appeal of this great scent. Fruity tones such as apricot, plum and coconut are combined with allspice to add a slightly spicy note that is just enticing. You will want more.

And more in the second note comes in a combination of floral scents and Brazilian rosewood for warmth. Instead of relaxing floral tones that can be lost though, Hypnotic Poison says that jasmine and rose are much sexier. And Dior was definitely right with this. This tone stands out on its own as very feminine, because feminine is very sexy.

Sandalwood finishes it off with a little warmth and a great base, but in order to not be masculine, rich almond and vanilla are combined for a great sweet aphrodisiac that you will no doubt love if you are a man or woman. Vanilla is a great tone that is labeled as one of the most attractive scents to men.

The bottom line

Hypnotic Poison in name and bottle claims to be dangerous and sexy. And the fragrance lives up to this claim with unusual ingredients, a spicy start, and a great aphrodisiac to leave you with. There is nothing about this lovely creation by Christian Dior that is anything other than appealing.

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