L Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent


“Its scent is remarkable, just the right fragrance for summer.”


Name of perfume: L’Homme
Manufacturer: Yves Saint Laurent

Retail Price: $ 80.00
Best Price: $ 52.49

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Notes: : Bergamot, Cedar, Ozonic Notes, White Ginger, Basil Flower, White Pepper, Violet Leaves, Cedarwood, Haiti Vetiver, Tonka Bean

Most suitable for: Business Men


Yves Saint Laurent has released a long line of fragrances over decades that are truly unique and daring among the world of fragrances. One of the newer ones that spurred even more fragrances with similar names is L’Homme, created in 2006.

About the scent

The fragrance review describes this cologne as a woody floral musk. That alone tells you that there is a lot going on with this cologne. And that is carried through to the fragrance itself.

The top notes of this cologne form a light sort of tangy impression. Ginger is combined with two different kinds of citrus that alone could make the wearer think more of cleaning products than anything. But, with the middle and base notes of the fragrance, they serve as the perfect light beginning.

Violet leaf on its own adds a floral tone to the middle of a fragrance, but combined with spices and herbs, it is masked and remains only very warm. In this product, violet leaf is combined with a variety of spices, white pepper, and basil. It may sound more like a spice recipe for a dish, but it smells great for a men’s cologne. This cologne is definitely spicy, and it carries through to the end.

The base notes of this are somewhat warm and deep, as can be common with most masculine colognes. Cedar provides this depth to ground the cologne from all the spicy and citrusy previous notes. They are complimented, though, with tonka bean and vetiver. The spices carry through it all with these two elements.

The bottom line

This cologne has created one effect. Even though the description says it is a woody, floral musk, it really doesn’t exactly fit that description perfectly. It is more like a woody spicy musk instead of that.

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