Love Chloe


“It is not a striking fragrance; it develops instead a cherished feeling. “


Name of perfume: Love, Chloé

Manufacturer: Chloé

Retail Price: $ 90.00
Best Price: $ 67

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Notes: orange blossom, pink pepper, hyacinth, iris, lilac, wisteria, heliotrope, musk, talc and rice powder.

Most suitable for: Elegant Women


Love Chloe is the company’s newest fragrance creation, released just last year. This great scent, according to fragrance reviews, is feminine and sophisticated. The bottle agrees. Let’s check it out.

About the scent

The bottle of this fragrance is simple. A clear bottle with gold detailing houses a pretty pink concoction. The simplicity of the look makes you think chic. Don’t worry; you won’t lose that thought throughout the scent.

Sophisticated scents love to start off with a bit of a cute little mini punch. The most popular mini punch is pink pepper for just a touch of spice and color. And this fragrance does this, combining it with the super sweet African orange flower. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

After that comes a great floral middle tone. Instead of combining the flowers with something else, this perfume combines the flowers with, well, more flowers. This makes you very aware of the femininity of this great scent. Iris, hyacinth, heliotrope, and wisteria on their own are intoxicating. But, in addition, this great perfume adds one of the single most alluring floral scents known: lilac. If this is anything true to the great summer flower, you can recognize this smell instantly, and it will draw noses blocks away.

This great scent is finished off with cool musk and literally nothing warm to keep it super feminine. Instead, the dry down element used in this lovely perfume is rice. This is a little unusual, but the rice is a sort of neutral element. In addition to the rice, powdery talc can be identified in the base notes, although this is very subtle.

The bottom line

Love Chloe is a great, super feminine scent that doesn’t play around with fruits like most popular youthful scents. This scent is expensive and sophisticated from beginning to end. It is definitely feminine and floral as well.

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