M7 Yves Saint Laurent


M7 Yves Saint Laurent


“He can’t stop giving compliments on this perfume”


Name of perfume: M7 Yves Saint Laurent
Manufacturer: Yves Saint Laurent

Retail Price: $ 297.66 (3.4 oz)
Best Price: $ 220

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Notes:Top Notes : Bergamot, Armoise
Middle Notes: Basil, Oregano, Labdanum
Base Notes : Patchouli, Amber

Most suitable for: Adult men


The spot color ads for M7 by Yves Saint Laurent show a super muscular, scantily clothed man with the bright red bottle of this cologne. That may very well tell you just as much as a fragrance review possibly could. We’re definitely in for something sexy.

About the scent

M7 is red for a reason. This great cologne claims to tell you exactly what male sensuality is all about. That may be a big claim, but from the moment you open up this cologne, you will feel the appeal of this great masculine scent. The appeal, though, is created in a very unusual way that is not common for men’s colognes that claim to be sexy.

Just like any great guy, the scent doesn’t begin to aggressively. Sometimes a casual note is the sexiest way to start. YSL believes this as well and combines rosemary with citrus elements for a light, fun tone in the beginning of this cologne that leaves you interested in seeing what’s next. This is a common element.

But the initial elements are all that is common. The middle tone of this great cologne is very heavy and natural. It is deep, but not overwhelming, and still remains clean. Vetiver combines with agarwood for a great, dry middle tone that is very unusual with many fragrances.

The end of this great cologne is a musk combined with amber. Again, we see no warm, wood tones as most colognes like to use. Instead, this sensuality is a fresh, original sort of warmth. The musk cools off the amber to leave you with a slight heat that brings you back to the beginning – still wanting more.

The bottom line

YSL loves to do things a little differently. And with M7, it has done it again. This great cologne embodies sexuality in a very new way for a men’s cologne. Dry tones combine with a clean, natural feel that creates its own kind of warmth.

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