Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior

Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior


“The entire impact is very youthful and cool, which I collected is what was planned”


Name of perfume: Miss Dior Cherie
Manufacturer: Christian Dior

Retail Price: $ 130.00

Best Price: $ 111

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mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn, wild strawberry sorbet, musk and patchouli

Most suitable for: Young teens


Miss Dior is a classic creation by Christian Dior. The new, modern answer to this classic fragrance, Miss Dior Cherie, came out in 2005. This lovely feminine scent was created in tribute of the 100th birthday of this company.

About the scent

Fragrance reviews and the bottle evoke both the past and the present of femininity. This unique vintage, but young perfume definitely has a tough job. The bottle tells us that this is an easy thing with a square shape, powdery pink liquid, and silver bow design around the neck.

Fruity is where we start with this, which gives homage to the modern femininity. The fruits are strawberry and mandarin, with create a lovely sort of fresh sorbet sort of image in your mind as you smell these initial tones. Sophisticated? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

The middle of this great scent takes on a warm caramel tone that runs right over jasmine and violet leaves without stopping. The caramel is said to evoke the sense of caramel popcorn – that is something that has been debated. The caramel itself hasn’t been debated, though.

Musk and patchouli finish off this scent with a lovely feminine dry down that is the perfect cool ending to this delicious fragrance. It really is a sweet new tribute to femininity, with hints of the flora of the olden day. This hint, though, serves as more of a backdrop than anything to the new view of femininity in the cute pink liquid.

The bottom line

Miss Dior Cherie serves as a sort of granddaughter to the original Miss Dior fragrance that has remained in the collection for so many years. No doubt, Cherie will do the same as her grandmother.

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