Red Delicious for Men by DKNY

Red Delicious for Men by DKNY


“Its scent is very distinctive to other fresh men’s fragrances, it’s fairly realistic”


Name of perfume: Red Delicious for Men
Manufacturer: DKNY

Retail Price: $ 33.00
Best Price: $ 23.99

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Notes: Cardamom, Orchid, Bergamot, Cognac, Rum, Moss, Saffron, Vanilla, Apple Liqueur, Davana, Sandalwood, Mandarin, Ozone, Coffee Absolute.

Most suitable for: Business Men


You may be wondering the story behind this great brand. DKNY beauty products were inspired with fashion apparel. They started with ready to wear clothes. It is in the quest of Dona Karan’s parents to look for perfect jeans for her. This started other ready to wear products including fashionably eyewear, accessories, shoes, and of course perfumes. One of the most popular scents that DKNY offered to perfume industry is the Red Delicious for men. The scent is alluring, bold, fresh, alluring and unique which every man would surely love to wear.

About the scent

For sure every man would like to have a fragrance that would bring the real essence of being a man. This is a man with authority and yet caring and responsible for a woman of his life. The scent is most suitable for business men who always wanted to show their integrity and capability of being a strong man himself.

What is good about Red Delicious for men is the scent that is so addicting that every woman would look for her man. The notes include cognac, rum, cardamom, coffee, bergamot, mandarin flower, saffron flower, apple liqueur, davana blossom, airy ozone, vanilla vodka, tiger orchid, iris, sandalwood, patchouli, moss  and okoume wood. Well knowing all of these would surely amaze and excite you with the scent that will come out.

The bottom line

A perfect five could fit on this perfume as revealed on fragrance review. This is available as eau de toilette. You may opt to have one in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottle. Every man will surely want to express his true feelings of being a man by wearing this perfume. Try one now. It is worth the value of the money you will pay for.

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