Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop

Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop


“A means wherein it is definitely exact to the uniqueness “


Name of perfume: Tea Rose Women
Manufacturer: Perfumer’s Workshop

Retail Price:$ 21.45
Best Price: $ 12

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Notes Top Note: Leaves (green), Aldehydes

Middle Note: Rose, Violet leaves, Chamomile

Base Note: Spice, Exotic woods, Plants (aromatic)

Most suitable for: Elegant Women


Women love to wear perfume. It makes a woman feel the real essence of being one if she is wearing a great dress and astonishing scent of various perfumes. In fact many women are capturing man’s attention because of the great scent she has whenever she passes by. One of the perfumes that had been out in the market for quite a long time is the Tea Rose. This was released in 1975 by the Perfumers Workshop. It was so trendy when it was first launched and many known celebrities have really tried wearing this perfume.

About the scent

Imagine smelling a very captivating aroma of tea dominated with flowery scents.  Everyone would surely feel the uniqueness and yet vigorous scent of a woman of her time. A single spray would be enough to smell fresh and good all day long.

The fragrance notes are perfectly mixed up to create an amazing scent that every one would surely get addicted into. The top notes are made of green leave and Aldehydes.  Rose, Chamomile and Violet leave comprise the middle notes. The base notes are composed of aromatic plants, exotic woods and spice. Summing up everything will give a spicy and warm floral scent.

For an eau de toilette, the scent is so strong, so be careful not put on so much. This is perfectly good for an evening wear but can still be worn during day time.

The bottom line

For so many years, Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop is still remarkably gaining its position in the market. Fragrance review reveals that many women are still opting to have this as one of their perfume collections. With its manufacturer who had been in the perfume industry for over twenty years now, you will surely get a satisfaction on this perfume.

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