Terre D Hermes

Terre D'Hermes


“I see it exciting and very mannish to begin”


Name of perfume: Terre D’ Hermes
Manufacturer: Hermes

Retail Price: $ 95.00
Best Price: $ 84.73

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The vegetable and mineral juice, made devoid of animal by-products or musk, flickers with orange (specially created for Hermès by Albert Vieille) and grapefruit that blends with flint for a mineral note, and merges with pepper, bay rose, geranium, patchouli, benzoin and vetiver just about the middle note of Atlas cedar to improve its Earthly tones.

Most suitable for: Business Men


Thierry Hermes founded a French luxury goods house in 1837 and called it Hermes. The original focus of the firm was on equestrian accessories which later ventured in other product lines like leather bags, scarves, fashion and perfume. Hermes perfume began in 1951 which put the company on one of the top providers of excellent and elegant scent in the world. In the world of fragrances, the brand positioned itself and gained various acknowledgements and awards in the field.

This perfumes are made up by the brilliant perfumers like Maurice Roucel, Jean-Claude Ellena, Maurice Maurin, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, Gilles Romey, Akiko Kamei, Edmon Roudnitska and many more. In fact one of its best selling perfumes that captured perfume lovers is the Terre D’ Hermes.

About the scent

In collaboration with perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, Terre D’ Hermes was conceived and released in 2006. The scent is vertically structured and composed of various ingredients. The notes are amazingly made of vegetable and mineral juice, musk flicker with grapefruit and orange. These blend with flint mixed up with bay rose, pepper, benzoin, geranium, bay rose and patchouli. The Atlas cedar was also included to enhance the earthly notes.

Based on fragrance review, the initial spray could not be so inviting but you can get the climax of the scent after several minutes. This is because of the pepper and pelargonium on the middle notes but when you get into dry down phase, the woody scent will dominate everything. This will leave you an absolutely captivating manly scent.

The bottom line

What is so good about this perfume? Well, simply every man can wear this on his day to day activity. This can be in the office or to any place. The fragrance is so versatile which you can wear anytime of the day.

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