Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes

Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes


“Honestly, this perfume allows you to imagine not just a simple garden but a paradise!”


Name of perfume: Un Jardin sur le Nil
Manufacturer: Hermes

Retail Price: $ 93.00 (3.3 oz)
Best Price: $ 85.14

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Notes: Top Notes:  Green mango, Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Calamus, Lotus
Base Notes: Sycamore, Frankincense

Most suitable for: Unisex


Hermes is a daring French company, so it is fitting that their fragrances are the same. This company produces many stunningly good unisex scents, which is often hard to do. But, one of these is Un Jardin Sur Le Nil.

About the scent

What’s in a name? It means A Garden by the Nile. Instantly, when you know what this means, you expect that you will be getting something natural, exotic, and interesting. And you get just that with this scent.

The top notes of the fragrance review read more like the ingredients for a V8 juice than anything. But, somehow, they work very well together. Carrot and tomato play as a nice backdrop that seems to thicken the mango and grapefruit scents. Mango is great and easily recognized, and then you get the grapefruit, which everyone loves.

The second part of this fragrance has a great combination of floral notes that are made a little ambiguous with bulrush and orange. Lotus provides the exotic element. It is combined with hyacinth and sweetened up just enough with peony. This middle note flows nicely from the fruit to the warm base tones on both a man and a woman.

The bottom notes of this scent are very interesting and original. Musk is a common dry down ingredient, but that is where it stops. The end of this scent reminds you that you are not just in any garden, but a garden in Egypt – warm, exotic and sexy. This is done with incense, cinnamon, orris and labdanum. The incense are very powerful and strong, and combined with spicy cinnamon are incredibly sexy.

The bottom line

The ads for this perfume feature the bottle of the scent on a lily pad. They say exotic, natural and interesting. This is just what the scent is. It is truly a unique creation for both men and women, and it’s incredibly sexy as well.

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