Versace Bright Crystal by Gianni Versace

Versace Bright Crystal by Gianni Versace


“I find it wearable to any occasions and any part of the day as long as a woman wants to enjoy herself.”


Name of perfume: Versace Bright Crystal
Manufacturer: Gianni Versace

Retail Price: $ 58.00 (3 oz)
Best Price: $ 44.68

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Notes: Top Notes: yuzu, pomegranate, iced accord
Middle Notes: magnolia, lotus, peony
Base Notes: amber, mahogany, musk

Most suitable for: College girls


When you think of a bright crystal, you no doubt think of something that is sparkling and attractive – and irresistible for some people. Bright Crystal by Versace is a popular fragrance for a woman that claims to embody what a crystal makes a woman feel.

About the scent

The bottle tells you right away that you are going to get something that is both feminine and luxurious. But, the pink color is not too heavy, so you know it won’t be overpowering. Light and fun topped off with a shiny crystal make this every woman’s best friend.

And the fragrance review will tell you why it is described as heaven for many women. You start off with yuzu and pomegranate. The yuzu is chilled for a very light approach. And pomegranate is simply irresistible for many women. The first impression of this perfume is sweet and very fresh.

After that, you meet a little bit of an exotic approach to the popular floral feminine notes of many perfumes. No roses and jasmine here. Instead, you get peony, magnolia and lotus. The lotus is incredibly exotic. And the peony keeps everything sweet. This is the perfect transition to the base notes of this perfume.

The base notes of this fragrance are soft as well. The dry down of this perfume is warm, but not overwhelming so that the sweetness can carry through to the end. Musk and amber combine and sort of settle things down nicely. This makes the cologne wearable in day or night.

The bottom line

Versace Bright Crystal is a very popular fragrance for many women, and it is no wonder why. Some have described this sweet, feminine scent that finishes off beautifully warm as perfection for a woman. But, after all, what is more perfect than a bright, shiny crystal for woman? Probably nothing.

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