Voyage d Hermes

Voyage d'Hermes


“It met my expectations and now, I am having fun because of it.”


Name of perfume: Voyage d’Hermes
Manufacturer: Hermes

Retail Price: $ 85.00 (3.3 oz)
Best Price: $ 74.32

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Notes: Top Notes:  Citron, Bergamot, Coriander, Ginger, Black Pepper
Middle Notes: Tea, Cardamom, Artemisia
Base Notes: Birch, White Musk, Amber, Cedar

Most suitable for: Unisex


When you see this word in any language, you are instantly prepared to be taken on a journey, no matter what it is referring to. But for Hermes, the fragrance may very well be a bit of a misnomer.

About the scent

Fragrance reviews let you into the facts that Voyage d’Hermes is a unisex scent that was released in 2010. This fragrance is very unusual, no doubt, and it is incredibly enticing no matter which gender is wearing it. But it may not exactly be the journey that you expect when you hear the name.

The first notes most definitely give you a sort of unusual punch right away. Citrus and cardamom are popular top notes of a perfume to keep it light and refreshing. They lighten up whatever they are combined with so it’s not overpowering. In this case, the other part of the top note is spices. This may be a bit of an unusual choice, but this brand is not a company known for playing it safe.

The second notes of the fragrance review are what really take you on the journey that you are looking for. You get floral notes and green notes as well. These are pretty common and serve as a sort of backdrop for the unusual part of the fragrance: tea. Yes, tea. A little exotic and it work.

The final notes of this scent are woody notes and a musk to dry it down in a very popular warm way that is great for both men and women. This scent is truly unisex with its ingredient combination.

The bottom line

Although Voyage d’Hermes may not take you on the journey that you expect, you are still taken on a short trip that leaves you smiling whether you are a man or woman. Chances and unusual combination are something that is very popular and the company has done it again.

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