White Jeans by Gianni Versace

White Jeans by Versace


” it still lingered on my skin losing none of its noticeable aroma. “


Name of perfume: White Jeans
Manufacturer: Gianni Versace

Retail Price: $ 77.00 (2.5 oz)
Best Price: $ 71.00

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Top Notes:  juicy peach, spices, cumin, plum, raspberry, galbanum and orange blossom
Middle Notes: jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, carnation, gardenia, tuberose, lily
Base Notes: sandalwood, vanilla, leather, cedar, cinnamon, spices, patchouli and tonka bean

Most suitable for: Adult ladies


When you think of white jeans, you no doubt think of something that is super chic and super feminine. And you think of something a little classic that not everyone can pull off. And this is exactly what White Jeans by Versace is all about.

About the scent

The bottle introduces you to what this fragrance is all about without even smelling it. It is literally a cute little white champagne bottle. This tells you that this will be a perfume for a woman with a finer, more fashionable taste. And this has been true about the scent since its release in 1997.

The top notes of the fragrance review give you flowers. Floral notes in the beginning of a scent can sometimes be powdery and smell a little artificial for some people. But, everyone cannot pull off white jeans, can they? Jasmine and carnation combine beautifully to start out this great perfume in a super feminine way.

Lily, patchouli and tuberose make up the second notes of this great fragrance. If you didn’t get enough flowers, you will probably get them here because they are back. This time, though, they are not left on their own. They are made incredibly warm and inviting with the addition of patchouli, which is a common scent that warms up almost anything.

The final notes of this scent don’t have any flowers, though. They are just warm. Sandalwood, amber and musk dry down the flowers with great warmth that doesn’t overpower them and leaves you remembering the floral notes all the way to the end.

The bottom line

White Jeans is a super feminine, double layer of flowers warmed up toward the end. It may not be everyone, but when worn well, it is super feminine and enticing – just like a pair of white jeans.

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