Women Summer by DKNY

Women Summer by DKNY


“I have understood and valued its attributes.”


Name of perfume: Women Summer
Manufacturer: DKNY

Retail Price: $ 44.00
Best Price: $ 38.00

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Top: Tangerine, Pink Guava, Mango Flower, Freesia

Middle: Magnolia Petals, Frangipai, Muget, Jasmine, Orange Flower

Base: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, White Woods

Most suitable for: Elegant Women (Summer Season)


Summer in New York is a very special time, and it makes the town a very special place. DKNY Women Summer is a great fragrance that embodies this feeling.

About the scent

The beginning of the fragrance review is at the bottle. This bottle is pink, pink and more pink. It is cute and shaped like a skyscraper. You instantly know that you are going to get with this perfume: bright, bold, feminine and New York through and through. And the scent follows through with this feel.

The top notes of this perfume are something that makes it perfect for summer. You instantly get the intoxicating smell of grapefruit. Whether or not you like grapefruit, there is no arguing about how refreshing the smell of grapefruit really is. This is combined with passion fruit and red berries for a super fruity beginning that makes it light and refreshing to start.

The middle of DKNY Women Summer is seductively feminine. Jasmine and magnolia are combined with litchi to make a middle note that is super soft and almost fleeting. You instantly pass from the light to something slightly floral and feminine that is soon overtaken by the base notes.

These base notes are made of wonderful warm scents but not something incredibly heavy. Teak wood and sandalwood combine with musk to warm the scent up, but not weigh it down at all. It rings light and fun all the way through to the end. That is what it has remained incredibly popular since its release.

The bottom line

This fragrance is everything a woman could want in a feminine perfume. It is light and citrusy, but has a real depth that comes up in the end. All of this, though, stays super fun and feminine all the way through to the end – just like a summer in New York.

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